2000 DODGE neon SRT-4 prototype (unverified)

Zach from CA

currently CA street registered and insured as a 2000 Dodge Neon, it is one of only five Dodge SRT-4 rally cars built by factory Chrysler engineers in 2001/2002 using pre-production SRT4 running gear (engines, transmissions, drive-axles, brakes, etc) for use in SCCA Pro-Rally. All five of these cars were personally owned by individual factory employees but received generous MOPAR factory support as they were representing the type of abuse that the ‘all new’ 2003 SRT-4 would be capable of handling and all five cars are still currently competing at some level in US rally racing. They were all built using lots of factory resources and this car has a custom Sky-Tec 10point roll cage, MOMO seats, MOMO steering wheel, custom KW rally-spec coilovers, stripped/seam welded body, custom 4 light Hella light pod, underbody protection including carbon fiber fuel tank guard, TerraTrip rally computer, Peltor intercom, etc, etc. This car was never an actual street car but instead was built from a body-in-white (BIW) removed from the assembly line at Chrysler during production and therefore has a documented 3800 miles on the ODO, and has seen only five stage rally events.

The car has seen lots of action on the SoCal rally-x circuit and we attended approx. 10 races in 2007 plus it was involved in the Murrieta Father’s Day car show and was used at the Movie Experience during a DCH Motorsports promo night. It is a well photographed car and has appeared in a full-page ad the California Rally Series (CRS) informational rulebook for 2007, was shown in SuperStreet magazine as part of a DCH Motorsports article and shows up in rally-x event photos regularly. I was able to secure 4th place for 2007 in the CRS ‘R2’ or rally 2wd class and at the moment, I am in the points lead for 2008 and hope to lock up 1st place in one of the next couple of races.

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